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Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Easy to Use and Easy to Save

Save up to 30% on healthcare costs

An FSA is a great way to help your employees save money while keeping them and their families healthy.

With a healthcare FSA, employees can use tax-free funds to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision care expenses. Funds are moved to their FSA before taxes are deducted, which reduces their overall tax burden.

Healthcare FSA's save your company money. Employees who have FSA's are typically more cost-conscious consumers who have lower healthcare costs, which can mean lower healthcare premiums for your company.

AND the employee contributions to FSA's help reduce payroll taxes.

I’ve observed over the years, now so more than ever, that a company that makes voluntary benefits available as an option may have a competitive advantage over one that doesn’t.  Below are three significant reasons why offering voluntary benefits may be beneficial for your company in attracting and retaining employees.                                                        - Loraina Boyer  

​                                                                                                        Employee Benefits Coordinator

Providing more options for little to no additional cost

For the most part, offering voluntary benefits to your employees comes at a very low cost to the company and in most cases, at no cost at all.  Simply making them available to your employees to choose of their own free will and on their own dime can go a long way.

Accommodating individual needs

When it comes to insurance coverage, it’s nearly impossible to satisfy everyone’s individual needs when there is only a limited range of options.  Therefore, the more options you make available to employees, the more opportunity they have to pick and choose what matters most to them.  For example, you may have one employee who is dealing with a serious illness and another who is obsessed with rock climbing and needs some accidental insurance for peace of mind.  Making both critical illness insurance and supplemental accidental insurance available as voluntary benefits can be a way to accommodate both of these individuals’ needs, and again – at little to no cost to you, as the employer.

Helping employees fill in gaps of coverage

A medical insurance plan can only go so far, and in many cases, some employees are left with increasingly higher out-of-pocket healthcare expenses that their health plans did not cover.  Offering an array of voluntary benefits can be a great way to help supplement or fill in these gaps of coverage.

In many cases, efforts to attract and retain employees can be costly, such as rolling out a wellness program or increasing incentive pay.  Making use of and beefing up your employee benefits lineup with voluntary benefits can be a cost effective way to help set your company apart from the competition in an increasingly competitive market.

Work-Site Benefits

Employees and Employers

Learn how work-site benefits can help you with cash benefits for the expenses Health Insurance does not cover.


Weekly rates starting as low as a gallon of milk.

Since we opened our doors in 2011, we have been helping employers educate their employee on available  work-site benefits.  We do this through personalized one on one meetings, working hand-in-hand with the employer and broker, selecting programs that best benefit the employees.


Videos on Flexible Spending and Dependent Care

Enrollment Platforms

The future of benefit administration comes in the form of a one stop shop and management tool to enroll all of your benefits. 

We are able to provide you with several options in the voluntary work-site and ancillary benefits depending on the size of your company. It is not a one size fits all. We believe in providing a suitable management tool, whilst providing the employees with top notch education. 



Learn why small businesses love working with us and discover how we help with Insights, Health Care Reform and more.  We can build a comprehensive health care benefits package without increasing your costs.

Save on Payroll Tax with a Section 125/POP

Flexible Spending Accounts      

Dependent  Care Flexible Spending Account

Wageworks Flexible Spending Accounts

Dependent Care FSA

Help your employees use tax-free funds to pay for preschool, summer day camp, before/after school programs, and child or elder daycare.

Funds are moved to an FSA before taxes are deducted, which reduces the employees overall tax burden.

Dependent Care FSA's save your company money since the contributions tro FSA's help reduce payroll taxes.


Section 125/POP Plan 
No cost benefit to employers.

Tax strategy benefiting both the employer and the employee. By implementing a POP Plan we will be reducing the employee's taxable income by deducting the insurance premiums for the Health Insurance, Ancillary Products (dental/vision) and work site or voluntary benefits PRE-TAX

Employers will have the benefit  of saving on payroll taxes.

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