Susan, heads up our assessment/sales team. The team uses a "we meet your employee's needs" approach by listening, educating and presenting solutions that make sense for the company and their employees.


Learn why small businesses love working with us and discover how we help with Insights, Health Care Reform and more.  We can build a comprehensive health care benefits package without increasing your costs.

Save on Payroll Tax with a Section 125/POP

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Learn how we partner with Insurance Professionals to offer their clients voluntary work-site benefits.

We provide innovative, strategic ideas and products to deliver greater value to your employer groups.

Our goal is simple: To create employee benefit success stories, one employer at a time.


We offer premier voluntary employee benefit solutions that give employers access to easily managed and competitive voluntary and ancillary packages. It can help businesses round out their benefits package to create a more comprehensive offering that helps attract and retain employees.

With the breath of coverage plan options, enrollment, carriers and service support, businesses of all sizes are given the flexibility to tailor a benefits offering that makes sense for the company and its employees.

Loraina Veronica Boyer, founded Group Benefit Solutions in July of 2011 after 17 years of  experience in the life insurance and benefits arena.

"You are in good hands. We believe in doing the right thing for employees. They are our number one priority from the time we first meet to processing a claim"

It's 2am and the doctor is in

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Learn how work-site benefits can help you with cash benefits for the expenses Health Insurance does not cover.


Weekly rates starting as low as a gallon of milk.

Dental Savings CareDP

Welcome to Group Benefit Solutions!

Program Summary

:DP HealthNow provides participants with low-cost access to the best of modern healthcare.

  • Skip the Emergency Room and Connect by phone with a doctor who can diagnose and treat typical health conditions

  • Includes a bundle of first-class services that can be conveniently accessed around the clock via phone, the internet or a smartphone app

  • Receive low-cost, cost effective, inexpensive services, savings and access to the right doctor - close to home or work

Easily connect with experts that can provide insight on virtually any health or wellness issue, negotiate reduced costs on your healthcare bills, arrange necessary services and make medical appointments.

Members will receive cost effective services, savings and access to the right doctor - close to home or work.

Increase your peace of mind with experienced support.

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE - It is a discount plan that allows you to save money and time!

SKIP the ER - New Program